One Year Ago & One Year From Now

A quick note…

Many of us use January 1st to mark each “new year”… this past year was marked by my trip to Italy. Tomorrow it will be one year since I left on a plane for Roma to go on an adventure to Italia and soak up as much beauty as I could during a month-long residency.  It’s been twelve months since then and some pretty significant things have happened since I first boarded that plane.

I’m about to move into my brand new spacious studio that I’ve wanted for so so so long! I published my first book. I created an entire years worth of paintings all based and inspired from my trip to Italy. I moved homes. I’ve had solo and group shows and donated artwork and learned how to cook. I’ve learned how to be a better friend to myself. I’m older and wiser. I’m grounded. My heart is bigger than ever and I’m getting my “ducks in a row” for things to come. It’s been good!

At the end of this month I will go to the California coast and absorb as much as I can from my experiences along the coast. Places I’ve never been like Napa, Big Sir, Carmel, and Santa Barbara. I will continue working on my new series entitled RADIANT FLUX and see it début in Santa Fe at the end of May. Watch and see what goes into the new works from the travels and the things that will find their way into my paintings. It’s so elusive! I will work my toosh off in my new studio and continue to use everything I’ve learned over this past year to bring my work to a higher state. September will be my art adventure into France and I can only imagine what will inspire me from Paris and Provence!!!! It will be so exciting and interesting to see what I will be able to say I accomplished one year from now.

For now I say to Italy, thank for helping me become more of the person I am now. Grazie!


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