Awake in Autumn

Life is moving quickly… busy busy! The past two months have flown. Summer suddenly gave way to Autumn and fall in Atlanta has been gorgeous. Four art shows in two months and moving takes a lot out of a girl. So much going on that I must quickly jot it down.

For years I’ve wanted to have a coffee table book of my work published… and with our incredible technology today, we have access to self-publish. I finally decided to go for it a couple of months ago and after hiring a designer to help me, we have things quickly moving forward! VERY excited that I have such an incredible response and received essays from some very supportive individuals. They have all helped me by taking time to write about my work specifically for this publication. The enthusiasm around this is project is making me feel especially grateful. Look for this coming out in a couple of weeks! Perfect gift to put on your Christmas list, yes?

I’m exhausted, but also very pleased that I’m doing my best work to date. I just had a showing of my latest paintings at Environment Furniture in Atlanta and the response to the new work was some of the best I’ve ever received in my career. The work is shipping down to Florida on Thursday for a show on the 18th and I’m off to my next showing with even MORE new paintings for my Chicago show in a couple of days. It will be wonderful to see who ends up with some of these new paintings… the latest set is called “Ti Amo”- meaning I love you, in Italian.

So beautiful.

I recently received this note from an artist after I sent out the email invites for my show on October 14th. Every once in a while I receive a note from someone who really touches me. This is one that made me feel really appreciated:

“I was in Environment last month and recognized your paintings (until then I had only seen them online)…they look absolutely gorgeous with their furniture! I hope you sell out! You are not only talented but genuine; how refreshing. I hope to some day meet you in person.”

How blessed I am to have such positive things and people in my life. Yes, there are hardships, but I’m choosing to focus on the positives! And work as hard as I can. To add to it, I spent a weekend in New England at the end of September to visit dear artist friends as well as meet my art collectors. The beauty of New England is really sticking with me… oceans and bays and meadows and marshes right next to farms? Truly a gorgeous place and I’m so glad to have had the chance to enjoy it with my good friends.

I’m also about to move in to a new loft and am thrilled because I need a change, but also because it’s literally only a few minutes from my studio. I can have a better view and be more productive? DONE and DONE.

So many wonderful things and it’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s feeling GREAT!  I even have a book-release party lined up and a special studio event scheduled for the beginning of December. AND I’ve started a ‘give back’ offer to collectors that will help a variety of charities. I really hope people take advantage of that as it’s such a great way to give back. Win-win-win.

A couple of new commissions were recently completed… I’m thankful for the art business as my inspiration has been in full gear. I am awake! It’s Autumn (my favorite time of the year) and life is GOOD! I hope this is the case for all of you, dear readers!

I wonder what is to come? I wonder what is next?? Maybe a little sleep first and then I’ll be ready for Winter.

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