So long, Summer

Dear Summer,

I noticed the mornings started to get a little cooler last week. Are the days really almost over? You’re leaving so soon? I wish I’d done more with you. I had bigger plans for us and wish I’d spent more time with you playing and swimming and dreaming in your season. Sure, we had our days/nights and moments, and July was especially productive, wonderful and busy…but I see I didn’t really get a chance to fully embrace you.

You sun-kissed my cheeks and encouraged me to wear every sundress in my closet. Your intense heat brought me to exhaustion but also made lemonade taste better than ever. You brought out the color orange and clarity. You helped welcome new ideas, perspective and challenges that further opened my eyes and heart. You gave me time to express love and understand how to find peace in being alone. You offered me the unique state of being still and dissolving remaining illusions of what it means to feel valued by others and with that, how to truly value myself. You brought me confusion which brought the opportunity to regain focus. You brought me lessons and tears to let go. And you asked me questions that could not be answered honestly and fully without having gone through your full summer. Even if I feel loss from this ending, I am grateful for the experience to know myself even more than before and learning the ever evolving truth as it is revealed.

Only a couple of days remain until a new fall schedule… four upcoming shows to prepare for and limited time.  It’s time to get busier than ever. With hurricane season in full-swing and lots of talk about the beaches, I’m glad I at least made it to the shore and Cumberland Island. I had the kind of inspiration that helped motivate me to complete one of my largest gorgeous new pieces for one of my shows coming up in October. I got to hike and play in the ocean and wander along the powdery hot sand… take a boat ride in the river and stroll in sultry Savannah under the romantic protective oaks. I look forward to what your next summer season will bring.

Until then, so long, sweet Summer… And thanks.

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