Letting Go

One of the lessons I’ve learned over and over in the studio is that once I let an idea go and surrender to whatever needs to happen while creating, something new and beautiful comes out of nowhere.  I’ve enjoyed working on the paintings for my upcoming solo show in Santa Fe. Normally I’d be a bit stressed about my time line and deadlines looming to get everything finished, dry, professionally photographed and shipped in time for the galleries to install all the new works. But this time has been different. There is a deadline, but there is no roller coaster. Somehow I’ve balanced out my time, the creative energies and because of that I have a better understanding these past few weeks than ever before. I’m going to have to say this was one more gift from Italy. The idea of surrendering when something isn’t working out. That means there is something else that is meant to be.

My paintings are flowing gracefully and the best part of creating them are the unexpected moments. I was so determined to get one of the larger pieces to “work”, but I couldn’t figure out what it needed… so I would stare at the half-finished piece and wait and wait… and wait until something came to me. Well, I waited for over a week while I kept working on the others. What happened next was acknowledging that it just wasn’t working, so I let go of what I originally wanted it to be… and then asked myself what needed to change and where the piece needed to go to be something greater. And then it clicked. I gave up the original idea and let it automatically become something else. It’s now one of my favorite pieces in the new series so far. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s called “Sera”, which is Italian for evening. Every piece I’ve worked on since then has held the same kind of magic. I love it.

Now if I can just let go of some of the other things in my life that I still wrestle with holding on to, I’ll be right as the mail. Or right as rain. Something like that!

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One Response to Letting Go

  1. Brit Hammer says:

    Not totally on point with your post, but I wanted to share this quote because it describes what your art does, which is to make us stop and LOOK. …FEEL. ….EMBRACE.

    “I’ll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking the time to look at it – I will make even busy New Yorkers take time to see what I see of flowers.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

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