Flower Bird Wind Moon

My favorite spot...on top of the mountain near my fave olive tree

In my artist statement, I talk about how much my work has to do with the inspiration of nature and the influence changing seasons and weather patterns have upon my paintings. How appropos that I should have such a significant experience of literally feeling like part of the season and the changes while in Italy. I wasn’t just an observer… I was part of all of it.

Another beautiful sunrise

The first week was cold, rainy, and the winds were so strong it made the entire villa whistle and howl. At that elevation, the fog is so thick it’s hard to see beyond a few feet sometimes… and when the moody tail end of winter weather changed and gave way to spring and welcomed sunshine, I was outside with all of the butterflies, birds, bugs, and bumble bees flying all around me. I wasn’t scared and I wasn’t going to budge from my spot in the warm sunlight… and neither were they. We were all united and there was a symbiosis that developed. I’ve been trying to put into words how I felt during the season change, but it’s been tricky to explain it accurately.

And another beautiful sunset

Sweet butterfly with a spot of red

Last night I was watching an episode from the new season of U.S. of Tara (special YAY that Eddie Izzard is in it!) and randomly found exactly what I was looking for.

It mentioned a Japanese proverb that literally translates to:

Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon.

And the meaning?

Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself.

BINGO! How random and wonderful that they would throw this in to an episode… but perfect timing for me to be watching it just as I was trying to figure the words out. This is spot on with what happened to me.

First bud

Now the paintings come… I was getting messy in the studio today with all of this in mind. I can’t wait to see which paintings will benefit from understanding Flower Bird Wind Moon. All of them perhaps.

I also found a print that an artist did today that I’m going to purchase tomorrow. There is a silhouette of a woman in high heels, her hair is long and is turning into the flowers themselves. It’s black and white and I fell for it immediately. In this print she is literally becoming one with nature. Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

The photos on this journal post are some that I took around the grounds at the villa. Oh- and one of the lilacs is from Florence. I wish I had some of those hanging over my bed… and Italian cyprus and umbrella trees in my back yard. I miss them.

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