Bellissima Italia

The Arrival of Spring at the Villa

Sheep Crossing (I see them all the time- so sweet!!)

Bellissima Italia… it’s hard to believe I’ll be leaving in a few short days. The past month has been so filled, it’s felt like two months and yet somehow it seems strange my four weeks at the villa is coming to an end already. I’ll be back in the “oosa” (that’s how they say U.S.A. here!) in a few short days. Until then, I’ll be making “gitas”  to Florence and then Rome… and my final day will be soaking up as much as I can at the villa practicing a bit of dolce far niente!

A picnic along the Med Sea can't be beat

Pitigliano is one of my favorites!

I just finished an interview online with a writer out in Santa Fe about my new and ongoing series, ‘Serenata’. I was so excited to answer the questions while here because I was able to talk about the inspiration I’ve gained during my time in the magico landscape of Tuscany and Umbria. Writing, reading, painting, traveling, documenting, exploring… and celebrating. I’ve literally been a part of the prelude to spring as well as the arrival of spring. It’s brought me to unexpected places and I’m grateful for my challenges as well as my blessings. Somehow it’s all made sense in the end. Insieme. Together, in Italian. It’s all come together.

The sweet life...

Enjoying the soothing sunset on my birthday

Since I haven’t been able to blog more than once during my stay, I’ve decided to separate some of these inspirations and experiences into upcoming posts here on my journal. It will be a nice way to share and remember all that has happened. I’m sure I’ll be missing the villa, the people, the food, and the incredibly breathtaking vistas all around me.

Exploring Etruscan Vie Caves

One of my favorite places to create at the villa

All of that said, I’m excited to get back home… to see my friends, family, my kitties… and back in to the studio to paint BIG beautiful panels full of inspired goodness and to continue more writings for my book.  The shipment of wine should arrive in a couple of weeks to help out and I’ll be able to taste some memories! For now, here are just a sampling of photos from my time here. I can’t wait to share more- the experiences over the past few weeks really have been enlightening. I’m posting just a few photos here… much more to come!

Ciao ciao… a presto!

Yes, those are wine bottles and the vino was delish!

Planning, driving and arriving have all been challenges!

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