When I pulled up to the villa and stepped out of the black Punto rental, the first word that fell out of my mouth was “heaven”.  There I stood, on top of a mountain in Tuscany staring at the villa when a quiet whispering wind greeted my senses; the tranquility struck me immediately as I took a deep breath and saw a feast for my eyes in every direction. I had finally made it!

Ciao from Italia!

Apologies for the lengthy delay. The past two weeks have been full of adventures as well as misadventures for yours truly.  I’m happy to post that I am indeed alive and well, and as the Universe would have it, I now have a window of internet access that is quite exciting while being in such a remote place! (Thanks to those of you who started sending emails and texts of inquiry to check in and see if I was okay. Very sweet!)

Tomorrow I celebrate my birthday and will have a remaining two weeks before heading back to familiar stomping grounds. I have many things to blog about and will share more soon as I can… for now I leave you with a photo taken on one of the many beautiful mornings here in Tuscany (this view is from the back of the villa) where the fog often creates a mysterious and peaceful cloud around everything. I’m told that this is the only time of the year that the fog comes up to the doorsteps, so while Spring time here is quite moody, it is also quite beautiful and incantato. Incantato is Italian for enchanted. Perhaps my favorite Italian word so far and the one I keep coming back to.

Happy spring, wherever you may be!

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