Soon Podere Palazzo will be my home away from home and tranquil oasis for awhile. I think once you see how spectacular this villa is you’ll understand one of the many reasons I’ve been so excited. Italy will be my front yard, my back yard and every side trail and path in between will be open to explore.

The villa is situated atop a hill with expansive views, surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the rural Tuscan landscape with its magnificent oak woods, beautiful
mountains, peaceful pastures, classic olive orchards and vineyards, and delightful medieval towns. I’ll be hiking, wine and cheese tasting, celebrating a catered welcome brunch and dinner as well as birthday bash, exploring nearby towns and cities, making my way to the nearby lakes and hot springs. I can’t even imagine how I’m going to do it all in a month. But I’ll sure try. Maybe if I’m really good I’ll get to go back!

Special thanks goes out to my dear friend, Douglas Fogelson for connecting me to my dream place.  When I asked, you knew exactly who to connect me with. For those of you curious and wanting to find out who designed this gorgeous place… The owner of the villa is the incredibly talented and renown designer, Patrizio Fradiani. (If you have a chance, check out how he restored the entire villa! Most impressive! Seriously. Seeing the before and after photos made my jaw drop.) Also, you must view his other projects on his website. He’s been published and awarded for all of his incredible work- very well deserved indeed.

Many sincere thanks to you, Patrizio for making your stunning Italian home available for me and a few of my special guests to enjoy. We will make the very best of it! And I look forward to seeing you in Chicago later this year!

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