A week from today

First and foremost, I’m wanting to say THANK YOU to everyone who has checked out my new website and even taken time to send comments. The support and positive feedback has truly meant so much to me. Thank you! Thank you!

It’s amazing how much time and effort goes on behind the scenes. Not just for projects like updating a website that was out of date for over two years or getting exhibitions ready, but just running life in general.

Behind the scenes here, today, I’ve made more progress on projects including finally writing the first few paragraphs of my book. You know, the book I said I wanted to write about 12 months ago? That first page only took… well, about a year. I don’t fancy myself a writer at all, so it’s a little challenging to know where to begin. Even the blog and journal can be intimidating. Some of my friends who ARE writers though suggested just starting anywhere and go from there… “let it flow”, they say. Interestingly enough, I’m finding it easier to write as my Italian adventure gets closer and closer. Maybe I just work well under pressure?

One week to get things done. I’ve ordered my Euros and even accepted a handmade Viva Italia! CD from my dear friend, Veronica at lunch today. I love that she made that for me and that she is planning to lend me her “bad-words” in Italian book before I leave. I LOVE everyones enthusiasm and positive energy surrounding me for this journey. I feel grateful to everyone I’ve talked to about making this happen for myself… my loved ones, friends, family, clients… everyone seems to get it and support me 150%. Thank you for encouraging me, for being a part of my planning as well as just putting up with hearing my nonstop chatter about “Italy this… and Italy that!” 🙂 I can’t help it!

The things I am doing have really brought out some inspiration for others as well, and that makes me especially happy that it’s so catching. I’m excited to go, excited to stay and even excited to come back.  Several of my art patrons have expressed interest in commissioning artwork from me upon my return, so I am feeling thrilled and oh so blessed. I feel like the more effort I put into making my dreams become a reality, the more the Universe supports me in what I’m doing. How amazing and fortunate I am to have this experience!

A few of my new paintings just completed will be shipping off to New Mexico tomorrow. I bet they will arrive in Santa Fe the same day I arrive in Rome. A week from today!!! 🙂 Viva Italia!

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