“That’ll be $430., please…”

My candy

My candy supply

I’ve just returned from purchasing art supplies that I’ll need for my trip to Italy. Everyone knows art supplies aren’t cheap. But when I heard the cashier give me the grand total today, I gave my shocked, but all-knowing look and “what?!? Are you sure that’s right?… yep… that about right. It seems pretty high, but it always costs so much for art supplies.” Then the feeling of shock and “oops… I’ve done it again” fades as the anticipation takes over and builds from thoughts of all the beautiful things I’ll create with these new goodies. As soon as I remember it’s an investment, everything seems fine again. I pretty much go through the same thing every time.

My artwork in Italy will include studies in watercolors and pencil/pen drawings and any combination of the three, as well as photography. I chose these supplies because they are easy to transport and are relatively easy to clean up compared to my normal studio materials. I’m used to working directly on the wood- no sketches first- and playing with acrylic, oil, glazes, tar, etc.  The idea is to come back and create new paintings based on all of these new studies and see what happens and springs from everything.  I admit feeling like a giddy school girl getting to pick out the new supplies for classes for the first time. (Maybe only some of you can relate, but I used to get really nerdy picking out school supplies.)

I can feel it in my bones that I’m going to come back with a suitcase-portfolio of gorgeous photographs, paintings and drawings that will keep my new and continuing work inspired. To work with a different medium and find some new discoveries with my style while I’m there is definitely going to be part of the fun. A liberation of sorts.

I highly recommend going out and finding/buying something different than what you’re used to getting/using. Albeit art supplies, tools, food, clothing, etc. Try something new. Just the act of picking it out in the store today gave me a few fresh ideas.

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