Support from other Artists?

What a shame. I was so excited to send out the announcement yesterday that my new website was finally up and online and I wake up to find that several artists who specifically asked to be on my mailing list, have flagged my joyful announcement as spam.

Why would they do that? Sign up for someones mailing list and then when they see something newsy and positive for the first time in forever, they put it in the junk box. I wonder if they realize that once you do something like that and flag someone as being a spammer, their good name and email address are added to black lists. 😦 Don’t sign up for mailing lists if you are going to blacklist people! It’s just not cool.

Thankfully I do have supportive artists and people on my list. I received some wonderful feedback and excited comments via email and for that I am grateful. And so to those of you who are supportive of me and my art career and have signed up and are enjoying being happy for me and other people, THANK YOU. And even to those of you who might not wish to be on the mailing list any longer and politely remove yourself, thank you as well. It doesn’t hurt my feelings- we all have our preferences and are free to change our minds about what we want to receive/hear about. But there is a way you can do that without creating problems for someone else.

To those of you (apparently they are only artists so far) who are signing up for my mailing list and then blacklisting my email address: shame on you.

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2 Responses to Support from other Artists?

  1. Samara says:

    Pay no attention to those flip floppers—only to those of us who love you and you work. Congrats! The new site looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks, sweet Samara! I appreciate that. And you’re right… It just took me by surprise since I’ve taken a lot of care in setting up an email list through Mail Chimp so things like this wouldn’t happen. Ah well.

    The wonderful news is that I’m getting some incredible comments about the new site and my work in general- it’s definitely keeping my heart filled with gratitude.

    p.s. I miss you! Come visit me in Italy!!

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