Things I Love

Things I Love seems like an appropriate journal entry idea while contemplating another impending Valentines Day. I have a pretty big heart and in general love oh so many things… so here are just a few picks out of the bucket of infinity to share. These are simply things that have perked me up recently and/or inspired me either again or for the first time.

I love jelly fish, sea horses, and dolphins. Also, dogs sticking their heads out of car windows. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in; makes me smile. Every. Time. They always all appear so happy and free to me.

I love that I finally understand the concept of “the present” vs being in the NOW. As well as what it really means to love unconditionally. Myself and others. Putting it in to practice has changed my life quite suddenly. Also understanding the true meaning of letting go and the act of doing so is very empowering.

I love that my work is really making a positive impact on people. The galleries are selling work again and the interest from collectors continues to grow. I am more grateful than ever.

I love that I am finally going back to Italy soon. And that it’s going to be for an entire month. The anticipation has been building for 16 years, but never so much as in the past two weeks.

I love that my God-daughter showed me her journal on Superbowl Sunday and told me about her new blog she’s created. She’s only in elementary school and is doing more with her mind and talents than a lot of adults I know. I also love that she asked if I’d forgotten about her birthday before it’s even arrived.

I love that I received a valentine in the mail from one of my friends saying she is my biggest fan and wishing me a warm heart and chocolate kisses. It’s nice to be remembered and surprised.

I love that I occasionally have pretty weird dreams. Last night I dreamt I was in my new live/work loft and a friend stops by for a visit and proceeds to walk in to the kitchen and throw four heads of lettuce/cabbage behind my new stove. I ask him what he’s doing and all he says is “trust me”. Hmm… I’m wondering if this has something to do with my new cleanse that I’m in the middle of. It’s working wonders and I love that I finally decided to go for it.

I love that two of my girlfriends are getting married this year. They give being single a good name- they waited for the right time in their lives. Now I know the answer to this question many people hear when they are past 30 and not married yet- when people say, “oh my god! you’re not married yet? what’s wrong with you?” … the answer is “What’s right with me!”

I love that we are seeing our first glimpse at spring this weekend.

I love that my Maine Coon kitty is curled up on my lap right now. He is just where he wants to be and purred himself to sleep.

I could keep going, but alas, there are things to do – my lists are long and time is short.

I’ll wrap this post up by sending wishes to all of my dear readers in hopes that you will notice and give credit to all of the things you love.

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