Eat, Paint, Pray, Love…

For years my friends and fans have asked me to share more about my life in a more personal way than I’ve been able to do in my regular art news blog. I’m a fairly private person, but I’m finding that things are happening so quickly in my life and changing at such a rapid pace and that when I do share what I’m up to, it ends up inspiring others to follow their dreams! I had no idea that I could do that beyond my artwork. If this is another way I can help others, then I’m in. Perhaps this might serve others and be a great outlet for me too-I’m thinking win, win, all the way around. That said, I’m finally taking their suggestions. Hopefully this will be a fun way to share a variety of thoughts, inspirations, art and adventures… and keep everyone engaged and inspired as I journal and journey away.

This blog will basically serve as my virtual underbelly.

In a few weeks I’ll be packing for a long-awaited month in Italy; a place I’ve wanted to go back to after my first visit sixteen years ago. While I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the years, I realized my dream of getting around the entire globe may not happen unless I start NOW. Instead of talking about it for another year or waiting for the “right time”, I decided to put my dreams about traveling and creating inspired paintings from all around the world into action. Italy celebrates an upcoming birthday and is the first destination that I’ll be sharing on this blog. I’ll be painting, writing and gathering as much inspiration as possible while working on my new “Serenata” paintings. I’ll be posting about my dreams, inspirations, relationships and so many other things that have and will be taking me exactly where I need to be at all times. More to come as I find time to sort out setting up the blog in between all the painting and preparation for my journey. Somehow this will all get stuffed into a mere few weeks. In the meantime…

Currently on my list of books that are making a difference in my life:

• Italian Days by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison (loaned to me by my dear friend Myrtice)

• Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie (gifted to me by my Mum at some point after one of my heart breaks… and finally picked up from the shelf by me after so long and at just the right time)

• Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I read this years ago and enjoyed it, but never so much as I have lately. I gave my original copy away to a friend in need two years ago and just recently purchased another copy after I saw the movie and to remind myself of so much of the wisdom it holds. I couldn’t resist using this with the ‘paint’ included in the title for this blog…)

• Italy 2011 by Rick Steves (who doesn’t love this guy? seriously.)

Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes (author of Under the Tuscan Sun) My mum gave this one to me for Christmas this year.

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2 Responses to Eat, Paint, Pray, Love…

  1. Laura Lennon says:

    Such a beautiful website, Jen!! It’s the first opportunity I’ve taken to look at it and I’m so so impressed…your essence is truly captured here and I feel so inspired and grateful to be in your life and have you in mine! The journey is continually unfolding and it is people like you who reaffirm my own heart’s intentions: live life on a palimpsest canvas and know that what is best for you will always come. You are creating it! It can’t help but come, so just make space for it. Always.
    Your art is your heart, dear one!
    Love, love~ L

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